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Effectively solve the problems of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance in various fields

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Technical advantages

(1) The tungsten alloy coating is of uniform thickness, high hardness, good wear resistance, better than the traditional plating such as nickel plating, chrome plating, etc. The original mechanical properties of the product is not changed after plating;
(2) The tungsten alloy coating is with good adhesion, and it will not peel off during installation and operation.
(3) The tungsten alloy coating has more excellent corrosion resistance comparing with other plating  in all kinds of acid and alkali salt corrosion media, especially in chloride, sulfide and carbonate media;
(4) The tungsten alloy is resistant to heat, humidity and high temperature. Under 800℃, there is small effect on the performance of the coating, which is suitable for kinds of high temperature working environment;
(5) The surface of the tungsten alloy coating is bright and compact, it has a good performance of drag reduction, anti-attrition, scale and wax prevention, as well as the advantages of both functional and decorative;
(6)The advantages of environmental protection: the tungsten alloy electrodeposition technology is environmental and does not contain ROHS directive prohibited elements, which can effectively replace the seriously polluted traditional plating processes such as chromium plating process.

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