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Welcome you to visit the website of Hunan Nanofilm New Material Technology Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as Nanofilm ), thank you for your attention and support!
Nanofilm has been the industry leader in tungsten alloy electrodeposition technology and has received industry recognition and social recognition since it was established in 2009, which is benefit from the good policy  of the national innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the Nanofilm people's persistence and striving.
Under the fierce competition conditions as thousand sails boatsrace and hundreds of boats to compete each other , Nanofilm takes"To be a leader of the global tungsten alloy electrodeposition technology and the green manufacturing" as vision, has drawn a strategic blueprint 、made the implementation plan and implemented the details of work for 2017 and the next 3 to 5 years. The Nanofilm people who have courage to challenge, will create a more brilliant future, will show the world a more influential, more powerful Nanofilm in the new historical period!
Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the people of all circles who have long cared for and supported the development of our company!
In the future, we will uphold the core value of " Market-oriented, Customer-centered, Striver-rooted", contribute to the society with the best products and services,meet the needs of our customers and create a brilliant tomorrow!
Thank you again for your visit Nanofilm website!
Chairman: Mr.Liu Pingjian

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