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Adhering to the talent training policy of "co-cultivating and introducing, appointing talents, and inclusive development", Nanofilm adheres to "focusing on hard work, seeking practical results, and seeing actual results", taking into account short-, medium-, and long-term goals, regularly holding middle and senior management personnel, Team backbone and professional and technical personnel training, strengthen the promotion and application of new ideas, technologies and methods. Continuously improve the incentive mechanism, pay attention to innovation and continuous improvement, and provide multiple rewards for employees with outstanding contributions such as treatment, position, honor and so on.
Nanofilm attaches great importance to the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological personnel, and carries out activities such as ability competition and research and evaluation among scientific and technological personnel, and rewards them. The company also provides subsidies for undergraduates and above, intermediate title and above, the standard is 100 yuan/month for undergraduate, 200 yuan/month for master, 1000 yuan/month for doctor, 2000 yuan/month for postdoctoral; 200 yuan/month for intermediate title , The deputy senior professional title is 1,000 yuan/month, and the professor-level senior engineer is 2,000 yuan/month. At the same time, the company actively carried out evaluation and identification of job promotion and promotion, injecting motivation for employees' continuous learning and development.
Nanofilm provides a variety of promotion channels for excellent talents, and establishes three major sequences: management sequence (general, middle and high-level), technical sequence (general, high-level), and marketing sequence (general, high-level). The assessment and appointment once a year provide a smooth development channel for the career development of employees.
The company also integrates production, learning and research with Hunan University and other universities to achieve a mutually beneficial win-win situation. Through talent training and technical cooperation between enterprises and schools, it has made greater contributions to the development of enterprises and the development of new materials industry.

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