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Effectively solve the problems of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance in various fields

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R & D teamYao Shouzhuo: special adviser, chief expert, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Ph.D. advisor.
He Feng-Jiao: founder of Nanofilm tungsten alloy. Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Ph.D. advisor, China Youth Federation, China Women's Federation Executive Committee.
Members of R&D Department including material science, applied physics, electrochemistry, chemical analysis, mechanical manufacture, automatic control and other fields, having doctor, master, bachelor, senior engineer, engineers, all levels of research staff,  is a  high quality research and development team with reasonable hierarchical structure.
Company has all kinds of plating research and development technology, quality personnel more than 30 people, including 4 doctors , 10 masters, 1 senior engineer, which accouts for 26% of the total number of research and development department of company.

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Nanofilm is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of tungsten alloy electrodeposition technology and products.

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